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How to make stuff that matters to the world.

hannah brencher.

301574_500971969965838_3752459_n_largeHow did you create something that mattered?

That’s the most common question I find sitting in my inbox on a daily basis. How did you create something that mattered? Where did the idea come from? How did you just begin one day? Were you afraid? How did you manage to kick fear in the face? How did you know it would make an impact? Did you deal with a lot of doubt?

All of these questions are coming up so often, tumbling into my inbox again & again from young & old movers and shakers across the world, that I have decided to begin answering some of them here, in my own little corner crepe shop of the internet.

And today, today, I will tackle the first order of business:

How to make stuff that matters to the world.

It’s a good conundrum, especially in a cluttered market place where…

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If we were an alphabet then thre’d be mssing ltters by now.

hannah brencher.


“Life’s gotten so crazy.”

That’s what we say to one another. When it comes to passing by. When we haven’t seen each other in a while. When the text messages have piled. When we collide in aisle 7 and we think to search the shelves of canned food for all the time we’ve lost.

“Life’s gotten so crazy, we really need to catch up soon.”

That’s the stake we drive into the ground, like the building of a white, picket fence that separates You from Me and Us from feelings that fit like sun dresses just yesterday when we weren’t so afraid of what Forever could feel like on the fingertips.

It’s an excuse. It’s a white flag on a battle field full of To Do Lists that never stop firing their cannons and calendars overflowing with the things we vow to be important for the moment. I’ll just be…

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